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      About her gymnastic                                                                       About her life

Nickname: Katjusha                                                             Birthday:25th October,1977

Stature: 178cm (5 ft 10 inches)                                           Hometown:Simferopol,Ukraine

Weigh: 55 kg                                                                        Her mother:Lyubov

Discipline: Individual (retired)                                               Her father: Oleg

Club: "Gratsia" Dinamo Simferopol                                       Pet: Cat, name Masha

Coach: Her mother                                                              Favourite music:Tchaikovski, rock

Active in RG: 5 years old(82)- 20 years old(98)                  Favourite books:3 Mousquetaires

Weekly training: 40 hours                                                    Favourite films:Comedies

Apparatus favorite: rope                                                      Favourite food: Oliviye(Russia salad)
                                                                                              patatoe with fried chiken or meat
Least apparatus favorite: club                                               Favourite country (she´s visited):
                                                                                                       Spain and Germany
Favourite gymnast:Alexandra Timochenko                            Other sport: Athelitcs, boxing and
                                                                                              Artistic gymnastic


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