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Repoter: Is that true that you are going to born a kid?
Ekaterina Serebrianskaya: I didn´t know that my privete life is so interesting, but it´s true. In a few months I´ll become a mother.

Reporter: Do you know who ks will be?
Ekaterina: I hope it will be a boy.I always dream abuot son, but if it will be a girl she´ll do gymnastics.

Reporter:Were you parents happy?
Ekaterina: Yes!! But we quarel with my mum, she wants a girl more.

Reporter: And are you happy?
Ekaterina:When I won gold in Atlanta I thought that I ´m the happiest woman in the whole world. But know my best wish is to born a normal kid.

Reporter:Who is the father?
Ekaterina: I meet my idol man. You know, there people who want to be in newspapers, megazines always. But he doesn´t look so. He don´t want to be very famous or popular.

Reporter: And so, what´s his name?                           
Ekaterina: Ihor Voronov.

Reporter: What´s does he do?
Ekaterina: I think that he can say it himself. But it doesn´t matter to me. I fell very happy when I´m with him.