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Luba during 2000

        Buddhists teach: “It is not necessary to only say, “this is good, and this is bad”, because you can learn how to say “both this, and the other thing…” Of cause, it is not soon that in our rhythmic gymnastics a day will come, when we will be able to see the fruits of this human style, but still, not so long ago Honored Coach of Ukraine Lubov Serebrianskaya, who grew many stars of international level, gave a press conference for the mass media, to tell about her over all position, and her position regarding the finished in Simferopol Ukrainian Cup.

         In certain mass media, there has appeared to completely correct information regarding this Ukrainian Cup in Simferopol, which I conceder necessary to refute, - said Lubov Evseevna. - For example, one newspaper wrote, that we - club Gratsia - boycotted this tournament, on purpose took away the carpet etc, etc. However, what really happened, is as you probably know on November 5, in Kiev, there was a show “Nova Meta”, which was dedicated to the opening of the Fund for helping sports people of Ukraine, and to the leaving of the sport of Ekaterina Serebrianskaya, and club Gratsia, a student of which Katya was, could not refuse to take part in this show. Of cause, the preparation of our girls for this performance, guests of which were many famous people, took a lot of time and strength, thus, not to disgrace ourselves, we took the carpet with us - how else should we have trained?! Certain difficulties arose with transporting the young gymnasts: to Simferopol we were returning on a bus, that broke down on out way - as a result we were returning in different groups. What has to do with the notorious carpet, it was supposed to be in Simferopol, already on the evening of November 6, but because the bus that transported it also broke down, it became available to us only 14 days later. I have to confess, me and my colleagues, had to worry quite a bit, because the company “Krimtrans” seriously let us down, by giving an unprepared car: our wanted carpet, was transferred three times!

         Why am I telling everything in such detail? Because the date for the Ukrainian Cup, due to unexplained reasons, was hastily moved from 20-24 of November, to a date, that was almost the same with the show on November, 5. About this change I got to know only in the evening of November, 2, and you tell me, is it realistic, being in Kiev, to organize a competition in a different city - I am talking about Simferopol - I think this is a rhetorical question. I would not want to say my assumptions in whose interest was such change in dates - let it remain on the conscience of the people responsible for this. I want to say the following: we could not have been physically able to perform at a good level both at the show on November 5, and at the Ukrainian Cup. In conclusion to all this, some of the 32 girls that came to Kiev got ill, - in such weather, this is not surprising. Then, on the 8th of November the President was giving Ekaterina a second degree Order for Accomplishments: what do you thing, did I have a moral right as a mother, to share this moment with my daughter? Basically, if the Ukrainian Cup was held in the planned time, I think it's quality would have been much better. I am not going to say that it was not at an appropriate level, ( because there was much help from Sports Committee of Crimea, other organization and our school, despite the fact that again remained “beaten”, did not stay in the side, - even though this was not appreciated) - it is just I really wish, to get some order in our rhythmic gymnastics. 

 Your daughter explained her departure from sport, saying that in gymnastics she achieved everything, what she was aiming for. What do you think, could Katya have continued performing?

 I think that here, could be two views: if someone wanted to get rid of the gymnast Ekaterina Serebrianskaya, if she was in somebody's way, if Katya got used to the thought, that she is constantly prevented from competing, - then, apparently she left in time. But if the country needs her performances, if people still continue to admire her talent, - then, she left the big sport too soon. The answer is accepted as anyone wants.

 And what is your opinion on this - as a coach, as a mother?

 Now, when almost a year passed since Katya stopped competing, I have to say that I am happy that my daughter left gymnastics, - there is too much unfair fighting, unimaginable backstage games. I am happy as a mother, that now Katya is in a circle of more kind people, that she saves the most important thing - her health. But, as a coach, I am a little sorry, such children get born, probably, one a century. Katya is talented, and is can't be unnoticed. This is seen by the whole world, only some sport organization did not notice it.

 In the Serebrianskayas' school, there are many perspective, high-qualified gymnasts - first of all two Elenas - Tkachenko and Dzubchuk. In your opinion, what should be done, for them to fully realize their potential, for everything to really be decided on the sports arenas, and not somewhere behind the curtains? 

 At this stage, the head coach of Ukrainian team has to be changed. Of cause, not for the candidature of Serebrianskaya. Yes, I am a working coach, that's what I've been, that's what I'll remain, but to be in charge of the training process of the national team, form a team, appoint judges, all this has to do a person, that does not have “her” gymnasts and that is not interested in “destroying” rivals. This has to be an impartial professional…

        Apart from Lubov Evseevna, in the press conference took part Ekaterina Serebrianskaya, who commented her receiving of the second degree Order of Accomplishments “ For me, as maybe for any person in my place at 22 years old, it was very pleasing to receive such a prestigious Order from the hands of the president of our country. This pleasure is even doubled, because at that wonderful moment, next to me were Valerii Lobanovski, Grigori Surkis, Valerii Borzov, Andrei Shevchenko, Sergei Rebrov, Alexander Shovkovskii - people that are close to my by the spirit.”