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    On October, Ekaterina borns in the boson of the sport family; her mother was a former artistic gymnast and her father was a well-known footballer in Ukraine. So she started to RG very soon. In the beginning, she go to the gymn with her mother because nothing colud careof her. Then a coach tell her mother:"Look, this girl isn´t bad, why don´t you start preparing her properly?". In this moment she has only 5 years old.In this way, she begin her bright future career on RG
    Her first apparence was in 1991 at the Junior World Championship(Lisbon). Although she doesn´t the pass for the finals, she stands up with  the tallest note in the championship:  9´650 with the ball.

    One year later, she is member of the group but the Timochenko and Skaildina´s retired gives a push her career. Serbrianskaya go to take part at the Senior World Championship.There was´t enought time, so she compits with Timochenko´s routines, perhaps for that ,she was known as a Timochenko imitor. At this championship, she participes as the second  ukranian gymnast behind Vicktorya Yanny, who finished 15th (more or less), and whereas Katya finished 5th.
After that,  her career is well-known for all (you can see AWARDS) . Until 1997 she feel like very happy and gets all  she wants; but in this moment her life as a gymnast star to be problematic.

    The problems with the Federation had begun when She won Olimpyc Championship  and then, she returned hometown, Simferopol. to continue training.But the problems had only started.
World Championship  1997, she cannot take part because her mother (and coach) was ill, and she says: "And when she  went green a slowly slumped against the wall, I understood that while the World Championship are very important and prestige for the championship... I couldn´t leave her home alone and leave the country not knowing what happen to her".She  got  to participates at Deruiginas Cup after a long fight.Althought all  isn´t bad for Katya; she was titiled Woman of the years in Ukraine and the man of the years was the Ukranian president.                                                               ´

    Porto, 1998, Serebrianskaya competes at the European Championship. This will be her last championship because the conflict with the federation hadn´t  ceased.Her perfomances are wondreful and a lot of people say that they are the best routines of her career, but the judges don´t allow she gets the first place and she is only 6th all around.
    Portugal is a country that It has marked her career. She begun in Lisbon and she finalished in Porto.

    Now she lives in Simferopol and she even owns her modelling agency "Serebryanmaya Zvezda".Katya is manager of some ukranian gymnast.But her life almos is over!!!!.In the hotel where she and her "gymnast" stayed; Someone PUTS A BOMB !! Lucky that they had gone to take part at the Master´99 in Greek.

Nowadays Katya is going to born a kid and she is again a HAPPY WOMAN

28 agoust 2000,her son is born and he weight 3k700gr and her hight is 58cm ( is a big baby).He was named Evgeny and he look like her mother so I hope that his future is GREAT !!!! Good luck Evgeny.

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