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In 1991 when she was a junior gymnast.She obtained several awards

            -In the championship Lovain-la Neuve:She got the first place

            - At  the Junior European Championship:Her team, formed by Ekaterina,Elena and
             Amina, was the fist.She can´t take part in the final because she had a mistake with the
             clubs.She finished 5th
                Finals apparatus she obtains a gold medal with the ball

In 1992 she took part in this championship like a senior gymnast and the other ucranian gymnast was        Viktoria Yanni

            -In Lovain-la Neuve:she got the 3th overall.

            -World championship in Bruselas:She obtained a 5th in her fist world championship
                Finals apparatus:her medals were;gold in ball, silver in hoop

In 1993 she started to light 

            -Corbail-Essonne:3th overall again

            -Gymnastic Master in Sttutgart:She achieves the 2nd place

            -World championship in Spain:She finished behind Maria Petrova.It´s a great succes for her career.

            Finals apparatus, she was 1st with the rope, 3th ball and ribbon

In 1994 she has some mistakes but she is a unquestionable promise in the RG world

       -European championship:She is 4th but in the finals appartus she got two golds in ball and ribbon, and one bronze with the clubs.

            -World Championship:She is 4th again althought she again  a lot of medals in finals apparatus;four golds medals.

            -European Cup: she is,at last, the 1st

In 1995.That is a maravillous yaers for her.

            -World Championship:In this world championship she is 1st along with Maria Petrova.It´s her first  medal gold in a overall .

            Finals apparatus she is 1st ball,2nd rope and 3th clubs

            -European Cup:She obtains the first step again 

            -Gymnastic Master:1st all-around

            -DTB Cup:Ekaterina is fist in ball, hoop and clubs.

In 1996 Its her BEST years in her career

            -European championship:Katya is 1st as all-around as in ball,ribbon and rope.She 2sd clubs.

            -World Championship (apparatus finals.there isn´t all-around):1st ball and 2nd rope

            -OLIMPIC GAMES-Its her major awards,Ekaterina is Olimpic Champion.

In 1997:Serebrianskaya has problems and she doesn´t take part in the World Championship

            -European  Championship: She comete one error with the clubs and, therefore she is 3th.
                Finals apparatus:she is 1st rope,2nd ribbon ,2nd clubs.

In 1998 that it her last year like a gymnast.The Duriginas get to dismiss her :(

            -Corbeil-Essonnes:That is the last championship she obtains a 1st

            -European Championship:Katya only obtains a 6th place in all-around

                Finals apparatus she ligth again.1st hoop,2nd rope,3th ribbom(although her note is the same that the first).

Note: You can see the podium photos in       OTHERS

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